On-Line Tax Planning Guide for 2016-2017

Miller Cooper has posted its newest Tax Planning Guide on its website. Please go to our News page or click here. Here’s an excerpt from the Guide on The Current Tax Climate: Every year brings tax changes and 2016 is no different. At the end of 2015, Congress approved the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes […]

Affordable Care Act Refresher

Counting employees   It’s important for business owners to know how many full-time employees they have because two provisions of the Affordable Care Act – employer shared responsibility and employer information reporting for offers of minimum essential coverage – apply only to applicable large employers (“ALE”). Employers average the number of their full-time employees, including full-time […]

Miscellaneous Tax Deductions

Miscellaneous deductions may reduce tax bills by allowing certain expenses, including those paid for by employees as part of their employment. To claim these costs, taxpayers must itemize deductions when they file. Many taxpayers claim the standard deduction, but some might pay less tax by itemizing. The two-percent limit   Taxpayers can deduct most miscellaneous costs […]