Does Your Nonprofit Have an Internal Controls Gap?

The typical defrauded nonprofit loses $75,000 per fraud incident, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. And that doesn’t account for the negative publicity and subsequent lost donations and support that often follow fraud. Although no preventive measure is 100% effective, strong internal controls can greatly reduce the risk that a crooked staffer or […]

Nonprofits Shouldn’t Venture Abroad without a Map

Budgetary shortfalls may have your nonprofit looking for new sources of support. If those sources are international, be careful. Activities such as soliciting donations, recruiting members and selling products in foreign countries can raise tax and legal issues. Is There a Need? Before your nonprofit adopts a global strategy, make sure that the need for […]

Associations Should Prioritize Common Interests, not Individual Services

Watch out, nonprofit trade associations! If your group is a 501(c)(6) organization, your activities could potentially threaten your tax-exempt status. To ensure you’re in compliance with IRS rules, you need to routinely review your member offerings and any business you might conduct. Support Common Interests Trade associations exist to promote their members’ common interests and […]