Buy/Sell HR Due Diligence


Sue Winkler
Director of Client HR Services

Rose Canonaco
Senior Analyst and Consultant

A successful deal starts and ends with your people!

The significance of people-related issues in mergers and acquisitions is often underestimated but is a major contributor to deal failure. Without considering HR matters early on, information vital to the success of the integration can be missed or underutilized. Miller Cooper’s HR consultants can analyze your people-related function and provide you with a snapshot of critical areas and recommendations to mitigate risk and support a seamless transition.

HR Value during Transition

Up to 90% of acquisitions fail to achieve desired results. Studies continue to report that talent issues have emerged as one of the dominant barriers to successful integrations.


Conduct comprehensive evaluations of key HR functions to analyze human capital, identify and mitigate people-related risk, determine compatibility of policies and practices, and provide the extra set of hands needed to support a successful integration.

  • Understand potential risk and integration costs, and anticipate post-close needs
  • Optimize the HR component of growth strategies through organizational alignment and effective employee communication
  • Provide guidance for successful change management, cultural integration, and talent retention
  • Deliver hands-on HR expertise to support the management team and talent initiatives

Key Objectives

  • Create and implement a smooth transition of people focused on deal success
  • Recognize, address, and help resolve HR regulatory and compliance issues
  • Identify and target key employees for retention
  • Achieve cultural alignment to boost engagement and productivity
  • Anticipate Day One needs to create a winning plan to mitigate workforce disruptions

Delivering Results

  • Boost ROI and value creation
  • Increase retention and align employee benefits, compensation, and work policies
  • Decrease risk of litigation due to lack of HR compliance
  • Drive effective change management to create a company culture that supports the goals and objectives of the merger/acquisition

HR due diligence is part of a full suite of transaction advisory services and support offered by Miller Cooper on both the buy-side and sell-side of the transaction.

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