Family Office


Kevin Hodges

Managing wealth requires seasoned experts, the right tools and reliable resources. Not an easy balancing act. And each family demands its own unique mix of experts, tools and resources. Which combination will fit your needs? How will you coordinate all the different pieces? Miller Cooper’s Family Office Services can help answer these questions for you. Some of the benefits of using a Family Office to manage your wealth are:

  • Effective financial coordination and management of family assets
  • Improved planning and implementation within a family office structure
  • Coordination of the various professional disciplines necessary to manage financial affairs of a family
  • Better appreciation for what assets should be included in family estate planning and charitable giving
  • Introduction of wealth to the next generation in a controlled format
  • A sustainable family legacy built through a unifying entity

Think of a family office as a wheel, and the family office services as the spokes of the wheel. The wheel may start out with just a few spokes, with more added as your needs grow or evolve. The center of the wheel, representing the core of the family office, requires a strategic plan, which Miller Cooper professionals will design for you.

Once the family office structure is in place, the spokes of the wheel are chosen based on the specific needs of your family office. Miller Cooper professionals provide the majority of services required by a family office.

Our Family Office Team consists of experienced professionals with a long history of serving wealthy clients.