Forensics, Litigation Support and Bankruptcy


Ross Pearlstein

Fotene Liakatas Peddy

At Miller Cooper we are experienced in delivering results under the pressures of the litigation environment. Whether as consultants providing timely and thorough analysis, or as expert witnesses testifying on complex issues, we can infuse your case with the expertise and solid support you need. Miller Cooper has years of experience working with attorneys who have long recognized and leveraged our services.

Forensics and Litigation Support

Investigation Prior to Suit

We can assist in your pretrial investigation with the following services:

  • Perform a cost/benefit analysis
  • Explain the economic substance of a particular transaction, scheme or course of conduct
  • Explain the accounting (or auditing) standards applicable to the issue at hand

Because it is during discovery that cases are won or lost, our services are most valuable. We help you identify, gather and interpret financial, economic and statistical information pertinent to your case.

Settlement Negotiations

We assist you in negotiating and concluding a successful settlement. We analyze:

  • Proposals presented by the opposition and prepare counterproposals
  • Short- and long-term business implications, as well as tax ramifications
  • The option of structured settlements
During Trial

In addition to expert witness testimony, we can continue to play an important role as a member of your team during the pressure-packed trial. At Miller Cooper, we:

  • Evaluate and analyze financial evidence presented by the opposition
  • Suggest effective lines of cross-examination
  • Prepare and analyze trial exhibits

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Services

For more than 25 years we have worked closely with bankruptcy attorneys and other interested parties, helping to untangle financial complexities and chart a clear course of action.


We possess the knowledge of financing alternatives necessary to provide assistance to financially troubled companies and their creditors prior to filing. In conjunction with workouts and turnarounds between troubled companies and creditors, our services will sometimes include assisting in negotiating a short-term creditor payment moratorium, a composition agreement or a prepackaged plan.


We can provide the meaningful information necessary to assist all concerned parties in making sound judgments regarding the viability of a business. Our professionals have expertise in rendering the following services:

  • Evaluation of circumstances and conditions contributing to the debtor’s current financial condition and those affecting its future viability
  • Assistance in the preparation of the analysis of business plans and financial projections to determine feasibility of a reorganization
  • Identification of profit enhancement and cost reduction opportunities
  • Determination of the optimal scope of scale operations
  • Preparation of cash flow projections and identification of opportunities to improve cash flow

We can assist you in identifying, evaluating and resolving all relevant tax issues such as those associated with net operating losses, gains taxes and income from cancellation of indebtedness. We possess the forensic/investigatory accounting skills required to:

  • Identify preference payments to creditors and reversible insider transactions
  • Identify fraudulent conveyances
  • Determine the existence and location of misappropriated funds