International Tax Services


Bill Major

Competing successfully in today’s global marketplace is becoming vital to sustaining business growth. New and aggressive competitors from around the world, as well as new markets for your goods and services, are constantly emerging. Entering the international arena while continuing to maintain a cost effective profitable business operation is one more challenge business owners face. Miller Cooper is uniquely qualified to assist businesses in managing their international operations by providing services in the following areas:



  • Financing exports
  • Setting up and maintaining FSCs and DISCs
  • Processing customs duty drawback claims
  • Developing financial reporting systems
  • Finding market opportunities

Managing International Operations

  • Structuring overseas operations
  • Using tax treaties and tax havens
  • Transfer pricing analysis
  • Financial reporting and audits of foreign operations
  • Dividend repatriation and foreign tax credit planning
  • Individual taxation for foreign nationals at U.S. operations and for Americans abroad

Managing Foreign Investments in the U.S.

  • Structuring U.S. operations
  • Repatriating profits to a foreign parent
  • U.S. real estate ownership for nonresident aliens
  • U.S. Department of Commerce and IRS filings