Podcast on the Impact of COVID-19 on M&A Features Tad Render
July 28, 2020

A new podcast has launched featuring Tad Render, Miller Cooper Principal and Head of the firm’s Transaction Advisory Group. In the podcast Tad discusses COVID-19 Valuations and the Effect of PPP Loans on M&A Transactions with Domenic Rinaldi of Sun Acquisitions.

About the Podcast

As we navigate this uncertain business environment created by COVID-19, both sellers and buyers have to add a few considerations if they’re contemplating an M&A transaction. The question of the PPP loan is certainly one of the elephants in the room. How does it affect an asset’s valuation? How can sellers and buyers protect themselves when entering these transactions?

In this episode, M&A experts Tad Render of Miller Cooper & Co., Ltd. and Domenic Rinaldi of Sun Acquisitions, discuss in detail some of the most important things buyers and sellers should take into account before striking a deal in these uncertain times. Contemplating a sale? Planning on buying an asset out? Now more than ever, you may need to sit down with all your advisors before you proceed.

Access the Podcast or read a transcript here.

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