Project Finance Tax Credit & Incentive Solutions


Hamilton Kwon

Governmental entities of all types and sizes provide a variety of tax credits and incentives to encourage economic development often to increase development and add jobs. These credits and incentives can be very valuable and are often critical to make the project financially viable. However, the rules, regulations and compliance are often complex and require thorough insight and practical experience to maximize the benefits to the stakeholders involved.

Miller Cooper’s team of specialists can help maximize the tax credits and incentives to help finance even the most complex projects. We can assist with various aspects of utilizing credits and incentives whether you are developing property, adding jobs, relocating and/or expanding. Connect with Miller Cooper’s experts for the following incentives:

  • Opportunity zones/funds
  • Historic rehabilitation tax credits
  • Low income housing tax credits
  • New markets tax credits
  • Renewable energy tax credits
  • State and local tax incentives such tax increment financing (TIF), jobs credits, grants, low interest loans, utility reductions, etc.


Our services include:

  • Financial modeling and structuring
  • Assisting with syndication of tax credits
  • Capital stack optimization
  • Application preparation and review
  • Securing of statutory and negotiated incentives
  • Consulting and advisory
  • Cost certifications
  • Compliance