Specialty Tax Solutions


Hamilton Kwon

Norbert Crabtree
Managing Director

Jennifer Birkemeier

Specialty Tax Solutions (STS) provides Miller Cooper clients with a variety of engineered tax services, including cost segregation studies, repair and maintenance studies, Section 179D studies and Section 45L studies. These services are designed to provide value to business owners through tax deductions and tax credits.

In addition, Specialty Tax Solutions offers CPA practices its expertise as an add-on to their menu of client services.

How to Grow Your CPA Practice with Specialty Tax Solutions

Add a new suite of specialty services to your firm’s menu and increase your specialty tax and real estate practices without an upfront investment in staff and leadership. STS provides private-label tax and engineering expertise to CPA firms that would like to offer the following services:

Why choose STS as your partner in bringing specialty tax services to your clients?

Because we offer:

  • A team of tax specialists and engineers with more than a dozen years of experience working with CPA firms
  • Expertise not only in tax and engineering, but also the laws and regulations governing specialty tax practice
  • Reports that CPA firms can customize so clients see a seamless process and quality end product

For more information about Specialty Tax Solutions, contact Norbert Crabtree at 847-527-1234 or 864-593-6131; ask for Specialty Tax Solutions or email us: Norbert Crabtree