State and Local Sales and Use Tax Compliance Services


Carrie Merickel
Principal, State and Local Tax Services

Laura Steuber
Principal, Client Accounting Services

The U.S. has more than 10,000 state and local taxing jurisdictions. With expanding markets, especially online, many companies now may be doing business in an increased number of these jurisdictions. The result is that state and local tax compliance, including sales and use tax, can divert limited resources needed to manage and grow the core business.

A company must first determine where it has a physical or economic presence (nexus) and whether its goods and services are taxable. In addition, before a company can start to file state and local sales and use tax returns, it must determine if there are past tax liabilities to resolve. Once these issues are settled, a company will be required to prospectively file periodic state and local sales and use tax returns, which can be potentially time consuming and expensive.

Miller Cooper can assist with filing state and local sales and use tax returns and supporting the sales and use tax compliance process. Our accounting professionals have experience working with state and local taxing authorities and streamlining the sales and use tax compliance process. In addition, our automated tax software can integrate with a company’s ecommerce or ERP system to provide an automated approach to compliance.

Our state and local tax compliance services include:

  • Filing of state and local sales and use tax returns 
  • Sales and use tax support
    • Preparation of state and local sales and use tax returns, either manually or utilizing our automated tax software
    • State and local sales and use tax registrations
    • Reviewing and collecting resale and/or exemption certificates
    • Notice review and resolution
    • Assistance with sales and use tax automation, whether we maintain, or the client maintains the software

For more information or to discuss the specific needs of your company and how we can assist you, please contact your Miller Cooper representative. Miller Cooper also has professionals who can assist with determining your company’s nexus footprint and any potential historical sales and use tax liabilities.