State and Local Tax Services


Carrie Merickel

Sarah Beirne
Director, State and Local Tax

Recent studies of state and local tax legislation show a trend not only toward greater taxation, but an unprecedented complexity of laws from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Coupled with declining state tax revenues and rising local obligations, businesses must understand their exposure to state and local tax laws or risk a significant impact on their own cash flows.

Miller Cooper’s state and local specialists know that planning for opportunities, developing a master tax plan and identifying potential exposures are essential to all businesses. We view state and local planning as a key component of a well-designed tax management strategy. Having prepared state and local taxes, as well as federal, for both corporations and the individuals who own them, we understand how to minimize the total tax burden for a business and its owners. Whether you are headquartered in the U.S. or abroad, we look out for your best interests.

Our State and Local Tax Services include:


  • State Income Tax Compliance and Planning
    • Review state filings to assess risks and locate potential credits
    • Identify tax positions in various states
    • Advise on state tax policy
    • Assist in communicating with state tax authorities
    • Provide audit support
    • Assist with qualifying for Illinois EDGE tax credits and perform first-year audits
  • Sales and Use Tax
    • Advisory services
    • Recovery services
    • Risk assessment
    • Audit support
  • Business Credits and Incentives